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Dilanz | Confidence shoot

Updated: May 1, 2019

Dilanz has always been underestimated. Growing up in Turkey as a small and petite women, her family never thought she would leave town for University. Culturally women would stay at home until they were in there thirties. Dilanz had other plans, moving across the country to study English literature. Joining the drama club and scouts community she soon became a leader within the community. She was determined to defy people's assumptions of what she could and couldn't do.

I just kept trying to prove to myself that I can do this.

After finishing University Dilanz set out on her own, travelling Europe, America, Asia and Australia until she decided to settle in America. Or so she thought. Her visa was denied. Not once, but twice, due to her country of origin. Next came the rejections from England. Being a determined women, her solution was to renew her passport. A new passport held no old rejection letters.

After receiving her new passport, she was accepted into Australia. A year down the track Dilanz wanted more time here; enter the miracle moment when a friend she hadn't spoken to in years sent her an application to work for an embassy in Sydney. With Dilanz's background in English literature, she got the role. To this day Dilanz continues to challenge people's perceptions of what she can do with her life.

Showing that you are only as small as you believe you are.

Lila Marie


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Photos by Lila Marvell


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