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Bali Lila marie's moments

Hey, I’m Lila

A photographer and stylist based in Sydney Australia. I've spent ten years in the fashion industry working with brands to help drive sales in their business. From big internationals including Hugo Boss to small businesses my aim is always the same; To create kick arse content that makes customers want to say Yes, yes yes!


I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to the business world. I am obsessed with finding out what makes your business unique, what your customers' needs are and who your customers are. Give me a spreadsheet and I'm in my happy place.


That's why I love working with business owners. Being able to dissect how I can drive sales through my imagery fuels everything I do. I want to create a vision for you that is unique to you, that tells the story of what your company is about and makes you look AWESOME!


In my down time you will find me at home snuggled up with my fur babies reading a book. Or hunting down unique vintage finds at the local op shop!


We only have one planet to live on and as such I am a big advocate for supporting small businesses that want to have a positive impact on the world. Plant based myself, vegan business get a special tick in my books.


If you care about how your business affects the planet, I'm here to back you. Lets create images that make you look cooler than those big corporations.


Get in touch now.

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