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Advertising Commercial Photographer Sydney

One photo, unlimited returns

Opening the books...


Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?


There is a reason big brands spend $100,000+ on photography. They understand the importance of Brand image.


Investing in how  your brand is perceived will have radical effects on your business. A solid brand image can turn a business from an unknown into a household name - Think Prime energy drinks.


When it comes to starting or re launching a business/ product, you can take one of two paths.


  1. Lean and keen, or

  2. Invest and express


Lean and Keen:

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your spend low, and slowly growing your business. our risks are minimal but the time until you are profitable is going to be a lot slower.


Invest and express:

All businesses have up-front costs. If you believe in your idea and want to turn a profit quickly, then it's time to put your money where your mouth is.


Right now, only you know how great your product is. Until you have social proof, the way to get people to take a chance on you is to make your product look too good to resist.

After all, right now potential customers are judging you by the way you look. Taking the time to invest in epic photography combined with a strong marketing strategy is going to save you time and money in the long run and puts you in the same sphere as established brands.


Why work with me?


I get business. Coming from the corporate world I’ve helped large scale businesses up to $40,000,000. Photography isn't just about making something look pretty. It’s about selling your stock and lots of it.


Together, we can create a strong brand image with consistency and aspirational imagery.


You don't want customers to say “oh that looks nice” - you want people saying “I need that!” or “I want to be the type of person and this product will get me there”


A photoshoot is not about the single product we are shooting, it's about the 1000’s of product you will sell... One-time investment, uncapped returns.

What type of photography is covered?


  1. Campaign images. Billboards, posters, website banners, images that are stylised, bold and in your face. Made to attract your dream client.

  2. Social media content creation. Either in studio or on-location, these images showcase how your customer uses your product / food. Think aspirational people captured loving your brand, flat-lays that will eat your heart out and macro details that leave people wanting more.

  3. Ecommerce images. The bread and butter of your business, these are the shots you need for your online store. Straight on, back, side front images of your product without other elements to distract the eye.


All three styles of photography are covered here at Lila Marvell photography. Our studio is Sydney-based with product delivery available Australia-wide.

How does it work? 


If you’re in Sydney, we can do the product photoshoot in person. If not, send me your products by mail!


  1. Once you click “Book A Consult Now” and fill in details.

  2. We will have a call to discuss your requirements. 

  3. We’ll book in time to shoot your photos. 

  4. You’ll have final images within 2 weeks of the shoot.

  5. Leftover products will be returned to you by mail



Any questions? Book a consult and we can talk through it!

"Wow! They are incredible"
Sarah CEO Summer Salt Body

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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