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Dani | Confidence Photoshoot

Dani Photo by Lila Marvell

Throughout our lives, there are many times as women people try to take our power from us. Belittling us, taking advantage of us. It takes a lot of strength to counteract that, to rebuild your self and believe that you deserve better. To find the outlet in those moments of despair when you can see the light. It can take years to get there, but it's worth it when you do.

One of those amazing people who found the light in the dark is Dani. Recently having to restart her life from scratch with a little one in toe she shows that no matter what life throws at you, you can make it through. We are women, and we are resilient enough to get through the hardest times. No matter how much a person may try to take away our self-worth, our financial security, our health, there is a way out.

For Dani her way out was music. No matter how manipulative and controlling, other people were in her life, they could never take away her voice. Through singing and songwriting, she learnt to heal and found the voice inside of her that had been crushed. Music became the medicine for her soul.

Dani Photo by Lila Marvell

Determined to live the best life possible and make a difference in this world Dani quit her corporate job and began working with a charity called Two Good Co, a company that helps survivors of domestic abuse. They sell meals to corporate businesses around Sydney, and Melbourne and offer employment pathways to women from domestic violence shelters. For every meal someone purchases they donate one meal to a shelter. Giving women financial independence to get back on their feet.

I sat down with this incredible change maker to show her just how beautiful she is, inside and out. A woman who radiates joy, even after the horrors she has had to endure. An optimist and a person liberated by her newfound freedom.

I can't wait to see where her journey of self-healing and music takes her. She is one to watch.

Lila Marie

Dani Photo by Lila Marvell

Dani Photo by Lila Marvell

Dani Photo by Lila Marvell

“Ginger Lily you got me daydreaming about you. Oh you’re running riot, riot, riot, riot. Ginger Lily you are, my lion lady.”

Exert from Ginger Lily written by Dani Harris


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