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Advertising Commercial Photographer Sydney

Product photoshoots tell the story of who you are from the first glance.


Showing your customers what you stand for, what your values are and what type of person buys from you.


Do you want people to see your product as Fresh? Luxurious? Natural? Clean?


Working with a photographer that disecs your business and what it stands for will help to ensure your images showcase the values that your company stands for. Whether that is through careful colour consideration; Do you know green is a colour people often associate with health? Blue gives a calm or clean look. Yellow says fun! 


Or through curated props and lighting choices. Stark lighting gives a bold feel to your product. “Natural light” can give a calmer more organic feel. 


Or your choice of models. All these decisions reflect what your product is about.

Product photo shoots are separated into three main categories.

  1. The hero shots. Think your billboard style images, that website banner, the images that is fully styled and makes the customer say WOW

  2. Social media content creation. These are your less styled more in situation images. How your customer uses your product, it may involve models.

  3. Ecommerce images. Plain and simple, these are the shots you need for your online store. Straight on, back, side front images of your product without other elements to distract the eye.


All three styles are covered. 


Sydney based studio, product delivery available Australia wide.

"Wow! They are incredible"
Sarah CEO Summer Salt Body

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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