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Julz | Debut Management

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Julz debut management, photo by Lila Marvell

My "day job" as a makeup artist means I am quite often surrounded by magnificent celestial beings. Floating through life with an incredible allure that follows them wherever they go. From the outside, it can seem that these women must have it all. Or they are completely one-dimensional with no depth to there personality. That couldn't be further from the truth.

I think models have incredible strength to stand up in a world that is purely based on their looks and proudly take up space. You try standing in front of a room of people who are staring at you judging every part of your body. While looking effortlessly cool holding the pose of a twisted pretzel. It ain't easy.

So when I can steal one of these girls from set for five minutes to shoot some snaps and get to know them, I am on it!

Bring in Julz. A seedy warehouse and a street party we didn't know about. Julz is a 22-year-old Fashion designer. Recently graduated, about to start her new venture into the fashion industry. On top of this, she is a model for Debut. A warm smile and a friendly domineer shows you that this woman is much more than the gorgeous frame she was born with.

A natural on camera, we shot some great portraits in five minutes flat! Enjoy.

Lila Marie.

Julz debut management, photo by Lila Marvell

Julz debut management, photo by Lila Marvell


Photography and Makeup By Lila Marvell

Hair by Sam Overton.


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