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  • Lila-Marie

Dear white people, your Thoughts and Prays are not making a difference to race discrimination.

We need to have a frank conversation, white person to white person because I have been seeing a lot of social media posts over the past week from white folks who have felt the need to have an opinion on the race riots going on in America. All be it opinions that sympathise with people of colour but still their opinions. Now I can't speak for people who are going through this as I am white and have no idea what it feels like to be in the middle of this awful experience. But I can say as someone who has had people speak to me about matters they know nothing of that it's not their god damn place.

Sure if you see crazy white Karen who is once again buying all the toilet paper because she is a woman of privilege and doesn't think of others who are not able to afford to stockpile common goods, have an opinion. Tell that women she needs to stop being a selfish arsehole and recognise that everyone doesn't have the same privileges as her. For any other community, you are not apart of, sit down.

What do you think your thoughts and prays will do anyway? Let's get real here, you have heard that not saying anything makes you racist, so you put up this public post. Or maybe you do feel bad about what is happening, so you want to share your emotional response to it. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. None of it is, nor is it about me. While we are being honest, probably all your friends are white, take a step back, if all your friends are white and all your followers then who is seeing your "thoughts and prays"?

As white people, we are brought up in privilege, in a world without prejudice; we can do anything we want to if we put our minds to it. We are privileged, and as such, it is our job to learn about people who aren't. To be quiet enough to hear other voices. Instead of using this time to broadcast how great of a human being we are because we sympathise with what is happening in America. We need to shut the hell up and allow others to speak.

How can you help? Speak about these issues in real life, spread awareness about what is going on without the subject being about you. Better yet reach out of your bubble and listen to people who are going through these things daily. RESEARCH if you aren't in the US look up what is going on in your country because I guarantee you this is happening everywhere, it’s just swept under the rug.

Take this time to stop posting online. Let others speak and learn from them. Donate to charities on the front line. Finally admit you are a person of privilege. You don't have to be comfortable with it, you don't have to like it, but your life is easy because you are white.

From a white woman of privilege to another, sit down it ain't your time.



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